Tony specializes in creating custom shirts using made-to-measure or bespoke methods.


With this option, we take personalized measurements that we will translate into any existing Tony silhouette. This can be done through a traditional fitting in-studio or remotely. To measure remotely, we reference an existing shirt from your wardrobe that you love the fit of. Tony will guide you to measure the shirt at home yourself, or you can mail us the shirt and he will do it in studio, returning it when complete. Tony will then create a custom drafted pattern, which will be kept on file for all future orders. This pattern can be tweaked and adjusted as needed for any newly commissioned piece.


Bespoke offers full customization of not only fit but also design. Tony will work with you to bring your ideas into existence. He loves projects that reference heritage patterns and fits, but can also execute contemporary takes on shirting. The sky is the limit—he will work to make your inspiration into reality. The measurement process is the same as made-to-measure, but there are no constraints on style or detail. As a maker, Tony loves to offer bespoke, as it always pushes the boundaries of creativity and craft.